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Euclid Beach
Photo Booth at Euclid Beach Park
I have a quarter in my hand for the picture
Wearing Cleveland Press T-shirt
(Delivering newpapers was my first job)
About age 10

Chauffer Lic 1962

My first Chauffeur Driver's License
(Now referred to as a "Commercial Driver's License")

My 1965 Ford Mustang
My favorite car of all time

Shaker Heights High School 1960-1963

Cuyahoga Community College 1963-1966

Military Service 1968-1970

John Carroll University Evening College 1972-1980

Military Service

1968 - 1970

Fort Knox Sep 68

Scan of Army Picture in September 1968

1st Cav Patch

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University School Era: 1966-1996

30 years at U.S. as Facility Manager

I enjoyed this very rewarding position, which started as part-time employment while I was in my first year of college. I would often drive the sports team school bus to various events, and while the teams were on the field I would do my coursework. This eventually morphed into full-time work.

I grew the plant operations department as the school grew, and when the second campus opened in 1970, it was my role to implement a plan to cover support operations for two campuses.

I enjoyed the career at the school, and it was an easy transition to commercial real-estate management at Weston.

Early career
School Picture
Late 70's
Scanned Image
School Picture
September, 1990
Scanned Image


San Juan Islands with J Garver
West Coast adventure including a visit with John Garver, US '79
who at the time was in graduate studies at the University of Washingon

Annie Garver, John Garver, Mike Logsdon
Orcas Island - Mt. Washington
San Juan Islands, Washington
November, 1984
Scanned Image

US Hockey


I was offered the opportunity to serve as assistant coach for the varsity hockey program. I offered a few skills that the hockey team needed: I could drive a bus, sharpen skates, keep track of the team's supplies, and I can even skate!

My main role was off-the-ice. I scouted teams, communicated with the head coach during games with what I observed from above, attended all regional coaching meetings, and paid attention to the general health and welfare of the program.

I was involved in the hockey program from the late 1970s through 1995.

Korach and Foltz
Close friends from the 1986 team
Randy Korach, Mike Logsdon, Price Foltz
January, 1986
(Both of these guys have advanced to be become company presidents)
Scanned Image
Coaches January 1986
Captains and Coaches
Tim Conway, Chris Nook, Brian Teeple, Joe Nook, Mike Logsdon
January 1986
Scanned Image
Hockey 1990
This team was one of my favorites
1989-1990 School year
Scan of the Presentation Plaque

Georgian Bay and North Channel Sailing

Sailing to Canada

Summers of 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995

In the course of operations at the School there was quite a bit of interaction between the school facility operations and "outdoor projects." Two recent graduates of the school, Charles Langston and David Brennan, proposed a sailing trip to Canada's Georgian Bay and North Channel. Both were experienced sailors and good leaders, so what they proposed made good sense. They led the trip based on their experience, and made the decisions about ports and navigation. I simply provided the boat.

The voyage in 1989 was the first of four with students and four more just transporting boats for the owners. I am proud of my experience of navigating the Detroit River, St. Clair River and the passage across Lake Huron 16 times.

It is my goal to again sail to the Georgian Bay.

Summer 89 at Helm
At the helm on the way to the Georgian Bay
Summer, 1989
Scanned Image
Summer 89 Group at Meldrum Bay
Tim Gale, Mike Logsdon, Todd Lawrence, Charles Langston, David Brennan
at Meldrum Bay
Summer, 1989
Charles and David introduced me to the Georgian Bay
Scanned Image
Summer89 at Anchor
At Anchor in the Georgian Bay
Summer, 1989
Scanned Image
Underway in the Georgian Bay
Summer, 1991
Scanned Image
Pete and Skip North Channel 91
Peter Hermann and Skip Walter playing guitar among the rocks
Summer, 1991
Scanned Image

Final Georgian Bay Trip - Summer 1995

The sailing adventure to the Georgian Bay in the Summer of 1995 was uniquely significant for me. Andrew Watterson and Graham Binnig displayed an intense interest in sailing and had badgered me during their Senior Year about making the trip. It was a rewarding experience. It turned out to be my final Georgian Bay voyage.

After college they purchased their own boat and sailed to Europe for 6 months.

1995 Georgian Bay Cast

The 1995 Adventure

Walt Edwards, Graham Binnig, Mike Logsdon, Mark Hogan, Andrew Watterson
Scanned Image
Graham and Andrew
Graham Binnig and Andrew Watterson
Who would guess that a Trans-Atlantic crossing is in their future
Summer, 1995
Scanned Image
Always Navigating
Always navigating - Looking for an isolated cove
Summer, 1995
Scanned Image
Entering Covered Portage Cove
Watching for submerged rocks as we enter
Covered Portage Cove
Summer, 1995
Scanned Image
Bad River
We enjoy finding these isolated areas
Notice the boat along the granite wall
Summer, 1995
Scanned Image
Spinnaker Pole Ride
Andrew hanging from the spinnaker pole for entertainment
on our way back to Lake Erie
Summer, 1995
Scanned Image
Old Salt 1995
Old Salt: The trip back to Mentor was especially difficult.
Andrew and I stayed at the helm all night in unusually cold weather
on our way back across Lake Erie
Summer, 1995
Scanned Image

Final "School" picture at University School

Final School Pic September 95

School picture
September, 1995
Scanned Image
I tried to take a picture every year, and I always provided a copy to Mother. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she kept the entire collection in a single picture frame, stacking each newer picture on top of the previous year. Thus, I have a very nice collection of aging over 30 years.

The Weston Era


The transition from the School to commercial real estate was seamless. Most of my skills were easy to transfer. I immediately noticed two differences: fewer vacation days and a lack of politics.

I enjoyed the challenge and the problem-solving. The Asher family and administration at Weston are extremely professional. It is a very good organization and they were especially good to me. It was a good finale to my working career.

Weston logo

Tim's cube
Work space about year 2000

I had a private office for the first year, then
worked in this "cube" for the next 4 years, and eventually
moved back into a private office for the final 5 years

WMC Office
Weston Office 2003-2008
Moving Day November, 2008

I started at Weston Inc. in January 1997. My initial assignment was to take control of the roofing replacement program for 50 buildings in the Cleveland area. The company had planned to replace $1 million in roofing each year for 3 years so I began by assessing all of the buildings and contracting out a number of major projects.

Several years into my career at Weston I was given a "property condition report" about a proposed acquisition the company planned to make. I thought the report was sub-standard. I told the owners that I could provide a more comprehensive report.

After my first report, all property acquisitions included my investigations and reports. I considered this a real privilege and a perfect use of my skillset. I assembled many of these "industrial" and somewhat boring reports. Here is the front cover of one of about 50:

Above: The front page of a 100-page Property Condition Report
for two buildings in South Carolina

Weston Official Pic
Official picture for Weston
March, 2006

Sailing in Europe

Andrew Watterson was a dedicated first mate on Stratagem all through high school. Following his passion for sailing, when Andrew graduated from Bates College in June 2000 he purchased a sailboat, assembled a group of his college friends, and set out for a 6-month cruise in Europe. I had the good fortune to be able to join them in Ireland and spend about 10 days with the boat in Ireland and England. We also went sightseeing in Ireland and England.

On the Wall in Wicklow
Andrew , Mike and Graham on Andrew's boat
along the 12-foot sea wall in County Wicklow, Ireland
July, 2000
Departing Wicklow
Departing County Wicklow, Ireland for a crossing
of the Celtic Sea. We arrived in
Holyhead, Wales the next day
July, 2000

Caribbean Sailing

In January, 2001, I had the opportunity
to assist Andrew in returning his boat from the Caribbean
to Florida. The following pictures are highlights
from that experience.

Leaving Turks & Caicos
Andrew at the helm as we leave the Turks and Caicos
and navigate to Florida
Dolphins stayed with us most of the way
Blue water
Lots of blue water for 10 days
Atlantic swells
Swells in the Atlantic could sometimes be disconcerting
Cargo ships in the Caribbean
Many cargo ships in the Caribbean
Arriving in Florida
Andrew Watterson and Mike Logsdon
arriving in Florida from the Caribbean

Cleveland Botanical Garden


Welcoming sign on my office door
November 6, 2015

To be continued...

Airedale Enjoyment


Left: Three dogs (Nauti, Snuffy, Tana)

Pic3 At The Holden Arboretum

Left: Portugese Water Dog and Snuffy. This picture was nominated as a page for a calendar
Right: Mike snow-shoeing with Snuffy at The Holden Arboretum

Pic5 Pic6

Left: Snuffy was very tolerant of the puppy. Her big ears were noticeable
Right: 3-year old Nauti on the boat, still with big "hound ears"

Pic7 Pic8

Left: Foster dog Tana Hunting/Working Training
Right: Snufy loves the deep snow

Pic9 Pic10

Left: 3 dogs sitting for a treat
Right: Large Christmas toy for the dogs

Pic11 Pic12

Left: Pam giving the three dogs a treat at Christmas
Right: 3 dogs investigating the large Christmas toy

Pic13 Pic Snooze

Left: As a puppy, Snuffy is learning early-on how to sit for a treat
Right: 6-year old Snuffy down for a nap
Snuffy always places himself next to me on the boat

The Yacht Club Era

1972 to present

I have participated in sailboat racing for many years. At the encouragement of Preston Bradford, I innocently joined the Stratagem racing crew in 1972 at age 28 and have enjoyed many years of water sports since.

In 1987 I purchased Stratagem, and in 1995 I became secretary of the Board of Directors at Mentor Harbor Yachting Club. I was elected a Director in 2000. After 10 years on the Board, I assumed the role of Commodore for the 2010 boating season.

Click here to read about Joe Harnett

Stratagem II
This is the original Stratagem, taken about 1975,
and the first boat I raced and sailed
Scanned Image
Stratagem II Joe Harnett at the helm
Joe Harnett (at the helm), Olef, Mike Logsdon during a race
on Stratagem, taken about 1975

Joe Harnett was my mentor in everything about boats
He was absolutely the most influential person in my sailing career
Scanned Image

Yacht Club Activities

Mark Small's Commodore's Ball
Mike Logsdon with my close friend Pamela Tanner
at the Commodore's Ball

Change of Watch 2009
Swearing in as Commodore at Change of Watch 2009
Dinner after Change of Watch
Dinner after the Change of Watch
Commodore Official Pic
This is the "official" Commodore's Picture at the Club
Exported Adobe PDF file
Watercolor at the dock
Pam's sailboat "Watercolor"
Watercolor on the Lake
Watercolor at Sea
This is my playtoy. I try to go for a ride on the lake
several times a week during the summer.
I get quite a tan, although recently I'm a little more cautious
now that I've had several bouts with skin cancer.

The Kentucky Derby

May, 2005

Pam and I were privileged to have been invited to the Kentucky Derby by my Aunt Eloise and Uncle Bob Logsdon. They hosted us to a whirlwind weekend, including brunch and dinner at their country club and a Derby party after the race.

While I have never been to a horse race, my Uncle enjoyed explaining the intrigue of betting. I remember his clear instructions: "A horse on the outside pole of the start has never won the Derby." One of the jockeys in the center of the starting line, (position 7 of 15 horses) was wearing yellow and green silks, similar to the colors of the national flag of South Vietnam." I chose that horse.

I am pleased to report that Giacomo was a surprise winner of the Derby. I had $35 on the horse with the payoff at 102.60 to one.

Sign at Derby
Pam and I were invited to the Derby weekend
by my Aunt Eloise and Uncle Bob Logsdon.
Uncle Bob has had a box at the Derby
for 40 years. This was a great privilege for us.
Uncle Bob
My Uncle Bob Logsdon enjoying a Mint Julep
Eloise Logsdon and Pam
Aunt Eloise and Pam
People everywhere
Overview of the crowd
Note that everyone wears traditional attire
Overview of the crowd
Center of the grandstand
Parade before the beginning of the Derby
Start of the race
First turn
First turn
The finish of the 2005
Kentucky Derby

Participating in the Kentucky Derby was great privilege for me.
Our entire family has always had high regard for my Uncle Bob.
It was a memorable weekend.

Living in Chagrin Falls


I was very happy with my house in Chagrin Falls. It was 12 minutes away from work in Solon and I thought 'for sure' that it would be my retirement home. In 1994 I made two major additions: I added a family room on the back of the house as well as a second floor with a bath and two bedrooms. Then along came the "cabin" in Mentor. It is 5 minutes from the yacht club (or) 5 minutes from the dock. I was incredibly lucky to be able to sell the Chagrin house within 4 months. Here are various pictures.

The Chagrin Falls House

Original Chagrin Falls house
Chagrin Falls House at the start of construction
October, 1994
Removing roof in January
Removing the roof in January was a pretty gutsy move
January, 1995
Chagrin After construction
The completed construction project
March, 1995

The Cabin

Mentor, Ohio 2007 to Present

Drive in from street
The driveway is 200 feet long
and the lot is fully wooded
Front of Cabin
The house is all cedar with no drywall
The 2-story den can be seen to the right
Cabin kitchen
The kitchen with the 4-seat bar in front
The hanging pots and pans are no longer there
Cabin Fireplace
The wood-burning fireplace is crafted from local river stones
Cabin Den
The first floor view of the 2-story den
The windows overlook the neighbor's pond
Cabin Back Deck
The back deck with hot tub
I typically use the hottub just before going to bed
I have had deer come right up to the edge of the tub
and I have been concerned that one might hop in with me
Den 2-story windows
2-story windows of the den
Cabin Master Overlooking
The 2nd floor master bedroom is open to the den below
Backyard deer
I have lots of deer coming through the property.
I now somewhat understand the mother's activities.
The fawns stay in the area (mostly on my property) all day long.
The mother comes to visit at dawn and dusk to feed and groom.
Deer bedded down
The deer often bed down for the night
Fawn at Window
This fawn wanted to come inside
Hilltop Fawn
Fawns have been born on my property
for the past three years.
This guy has curled up in a very safe location
in the back of the house.

Because the question is often asked, I will tell you
that I do not believe in feeding the deer


I have enjoyed volunteering at the Holden Arboretum. My original interest was driving a tram and giving tours of the Museum's 3500 acres. Soon I was providing building condition reports for their facilities. I believe in their mission and I enjoy staying active and using my skillset. This eventually developed into a 30-month recruitment to serve as the Director of Facilities for the Cleveland Botanical Garden.

The website link for The Holden Arboretum is:"


For two years I served as the Facilitator for the Lake County Job Seekers organization in Lake County, Ohio. I enjoyed participating in the organization with the goal of providing guidance to those in transition in their careers. I also served as their webmaster.

End of Presentation

I welcome your memories, comments and suggestions.
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