Cleveland Botanical Garden

Welcome to the Garden

Welcoming sign on my office door
November 6, 2015

In November, 2015 I was pulled out of retirement to assume the role of Director of Facilities at the Botanical Garden. Initially my agreement was to stay just two months. It turned out to be a wonderful finale to my career. Thirty months later I felt it was the perfect time for a younger person to take over the responsilities. I learned quite a bit about operations in an urban setting, meeting deadlines for the numerous "shows" at the Garden, and participating in meetings with local police as well as the Capitol Police in organizing the security needs of the Republication National Convention.

I am very appreciative of being offered this opportunity to serve at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I intend to add to this site, but here are my key points:


Good sense of accomplishment

Long-lasting friendships

Energy conservation


Opportunity to learn new skills (horticulture)

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Sustainability initiatives confirmed